First Post!


Sooo I guess I should pull my finger out and finally post something on this blog!

The weather here today is overcast and cold, which seems to be what it is like most days as we head towards winter. It’s as pretty as ever just a little grey.

The place we’re living in is called Windish which is a small town(?) in the district of Brugg. We live on the top floor of an apartment block which has some nice views. The apartment has lots of lovely big windows and the walls and roof are all painted white so it’s always bright and cheery 😀

The street we live on is a long but quiet one. Some of the houses along it are absolutely beautiful. There is a school and a church next to our apartment and a big green grassy area with an apple tree in the middle. The apartment is full of families with young children who spend most of their time playing outside together on the grass. They’re super friendly and always say Grüezi 🙂

5 minutes walk down one direction of our street is the Reuss river where people swim and canoe and hang out on sunny days. 2 minutes walk in the opposite direction is a farm building that has pigs, donkeys, chickens, ducks and cows. It has another Church (Königsfelden abbey) attached to it and is part of the Vindonissa settlement. It is a roman adventure park! You often see people walking through it carrying wooden crosses over their shoulders and wearing headphones taking part in audio tours of the legionnaire’s path. You’re free to walk about the park as much as you like which I often do. They have lots of gardens and flowers and it’s a nice place to hang out.

10 minutes walk in the direction of the shops there is psychiatric clinic which is surrounded by a big garden / park which you are aloud to walk through again. It’s spotted with acorn trees and has a big fountain in the middle. I walk through it every day on my way to the shops or the train station at Brugg.

There are 2 sets of shops about 15 minutes walk in different directions from where we live. The first is opposite the Train station at Brugg in a mall called neumarkt. They have the two main grocery stores opposite each other (Coop and Migros) as well as a H&M (Yay, clothes shopping!) and other specialty stores. To get to the set of shops in Windisch (which is just a Coop and Migros) you walk past/through an old amphitheater which is part of the Vindonissa Settlement.

Getting anywhere is easy, everything is in walking or riding distance and is pretty much flat. Nick rides his bike to and from work everyday to Baden which is about a 20 minute ride or an 8-10 minute train trip. Baden is the closest biggish city.

I still don’t have my Visa sorted but we’re working on it! Other than that things are going well, we’ve been exploring and hanging out and doing lots of cooking but i’ll tell you more about those things in future posts! I’ll also add more pictures when I take some 🙂

Edit: I took a quick run around yeterday and added a few pictures from my phone. Please excuse the quality, I really can’t wait to get a good camera!